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Booking bottle service is now easier than ever! You can book a request through either our website or mobile app in the “Guest list” section. All you have to do is provide us with your preference of where your table will be located in the venue, along with the bottle(s) of your choice. 


When we receive your request, we’ll begin to forward it over to the venue for review. Once they approve your request, they’ll let us know if we need to secure a deposit to reserve the table. We’ll provide you with a safe and secured payment link for the deposit. After your deposit has been secured, we’ll coordinate the reservation with the venue for final approval and you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail for your booking.


There are instances where the venue may not approve your reservation request. This may be due to a number of reasons such as tables being sold out or prices being updated. In that particular case, we’ll reach out to you via e-mail and/or text so that you can decide how you would like to proceed with either cancelling or changing your booking reservation.



Clubs generally have a term called “minimum spend” that’s used at venues nationwide. Basically it is the bare minimum of how much you would need to spend on drinks and/or food to reserve bottle service and table service. (I.e. If your venue suggests $1,000 minimum spend, you would have to spend $1,000 on alcohol for us to reserve your table. Keep in mind that we combine table service with your bottle purchase. Also, please be aware that your final amount will be adjusted with the amount of taxes, tips, or venue fees that usually range from 20-38% which varies by club.





- If you purchase bottle service the suggest time of arrival is 11pm. This allows us and the venue to secure your table, otherwise your booking may be forfeited to another party.


-If you sign up through our guest list you should arrive around 10-10:30 for free or discounted entry. Capacity is subject to change at any time and if you arrive to late the venue may be at full capacity.


-Our venues usually last until about 2AM PST. Please be sure to look into our after hours venues for some post club fun.





Our table service reservations come with a few exciting add-ons that regular club goers don’t have access to. These add-ons come with the following options but are not limited to :


-VIP entry (No cover, no waiting in line, and a host to seat your party in style) Please note that this will cover admission for the number of people in your party that was submitted for approval. Any extra guests may be subject to cover fees so please plan accordingly.


-VIP table and couches (Enjoy your own private personal space with your own table and couches to host your guests in style. Stand out from the crowd and enjoy your table with your very own space.) 


-Enjoy unlimited mixers and chasers (either soda or various fruit juices) of your pick to go with the bottle you purchased. Please note that energy drinks, certain juices, and bottled waters may be subject to an extra fee.


-Our venue’s staff will be there to make sure you the drinks coming. They’ll also keep your area clean to make sure you enjoy yourselves being worry free! Go ahead and enjoy your night without worrying about cleaning up!


-We’ll keep your table safe and private with your own security for a worry free environment! Feel free to explore the dance floor while your belongings stay safe and secure.

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